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Guangdong took an easy road victory over Shanxi 107-96 Dario Saric 76ers Jersey , extending its winning streak to eight games. Guangdong's Zhu Fangyu scored a season-high 29 points, including 8 three-pointers, Ye Jianlian had 30 points, Chris Daniels finished with 17 points and 7 rebounds, Dong Hanlin had 10 points and Chen Jianghua congtributed 9 points and 9 assists.

Elsewhere in the CBA, the former NBA player Metta World Peace contributed a season-high 38 points and 13 boards and help Sichuan claim a home victory over Zhejiang 126-112 Dana Barros 76ers Jersey , ending Sichuan's three straight losses.

Bayi's coach-player Wang Zhizhi did not play in Friday's game, but five players of Bayi scored double digits and helped their team beat Chongqing 122-101.

In other games, Guangsha overwhelmed Foshan 116-102, Jilin beat Qingdao 119-111, Tianjin downed Tongxi 116-104, Dongguan edged Xinjiang 102-96 and Shandong triumphed Shanghai 97-88.

CHANGCHUN Clarence Weatherspoon 76ers Jersey , Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- Last month was extremely lucrativefor farmer Huo Liang. With the Spring Festival gift giving seasonin full swing, his online millet shop witnessed its top yearlysales.

Thousands of farmers like Huo in Tongyu, in the largelyagricultural province of Jilin, are using online stores to selltheir crops as the government seeks to tackle poverty in thecountryside.

Tongyu has a large number of impoverished people. Though it hasbountiful harvests of millet, mung bean and sunflower, the cropsgrown in the region are known for their high quality.

For Huo Charles Barkley 76ers Jersey , who has been farmer for most of his life, learning therole of an online businessman is no easy task. At 52 years old, hehad to learn everything from scratch about the Internet.

When he first started out, he would forget to include basicthings such as the courier receipt number, making it impossible forbuyers to follow the whereabouts of ordered parcels.

Pricing his millet appropriately for the Internet was alsodifficult, as fierce competition means products must fight forattention with discounts. Huo was again baffled.

Initially Amir Johnson 76ers Jersey , he sold his millet for 15 yuan (2.28 U.S. dollars)every 500 grams. But buyers argued that his price was even higherthan those in supermarkets.

Huo insists on the quality of his product. "The problem withonline shopping is customers cannot touch and taste the milletthemselves until they buy and receive the products," he said.

To better communicate with online buyers, he replaced hisoutdated phone with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for 2,000 yuan, a largeexpense for him.

"With this smart phone, I can talk to potential buyers wheneverI want to Zhaire Smith Jersey , instead of chatting with them via a computer," Huosaid.

The first two months' business was slow. Huo remained patient.Gradually more customers were referred to his shop and people beganmaking repeat orders.

Though his online shop only came into operation a year ago, hesaid it has helped him make more than 1,000 yuan extra everymonth.

Yang Xiaofeng, another local farmer, also made a fortune throughe-commerce. Thanks to targeted marketing and better packaging Wilt Chamberlain Jersey , hesuccessfully sold more than 5,000 kilograms of sorghum rice on theInternet.

While many in affluent coastal areas are getting more wealth byselling products ranging from electronics to socks on the Internet,e-commerce presents a very different picture in rural areas.

The government in Tongyu aims to lift more of its 100,000 poorout of poverty, by utilizing the Internet. Aside from setting up aspecial office for e-commerce assistance, the government alsoinvited e-commerce consultants and held seminars to tutorinterested farmers.

It hopes to decrease its impoverished population by 25 Trevor Booker Jersey ,000annually, mainly through such support measures in e-commerce, thelocal government said.

Its success will also help China realize its goal to lift 70million of people in rural areas out of poverty (measured by thepoverty line of 2,300 yuan of annual income) by 2020.

Huo is confident about the future. He has already devised hisnext step - teaming up with several partners and making their ownbrand. Enditem

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