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"All all, that is small two say, your letter?"Du Hong and Teng the green tiger see toward the Teng green mountain.
"BE not likely to get empty cave to come to breeze, can spread like this, probably, also really have a black monster."The Teng green mountain says, at the moment, start to recall an old house in his brain'greatly postpone mountain'medium of the flood dragon, this in this world, even have flood dragons, the black monster that can in a twinkling swallow a person, also uncertain have no.
The Du Hong says with smile:"Is all all, these are small two have what knowledge?World the rumor that without restraint spread indiscriminately, many of can not all believe very."
"That big gold Chuang, more than a months come miserably a matter, this is true."The Teng green mountain sees toward the Du Hong, " old Du, I ask you, you can speak a big gold Chuang, why meeting continuously someone had no, and sub- nobody in the whole Chuang discovers!"
A clansmen had no without basis.
Don't is a , two, three ……the amount is large, the big gold Chuang certainly thousand times watches out for, even in will have a lot of clansmen lykewakes, can remain obscure disappearance.
"A Chuang son, 1 connects a , at the mid-night if again the many people stares at, obscure take a person, is a superior, afraid also difficult attain."The Teng green mountain says, " like, tonight, we stops for rest here, you like well foolish here, I at the mid-night, fish for well once and see to that big gold Chuang, exactly is what black monster."
The Teng green mountain contained decision, everyone had to follow instructions.
The color of the sky has been black.
The Teng green mountain is from the window on jumping but descending, soon arrive at stable, in the stable fully have nine black A soldier non-commissioned officers is watching.The war horse of black A soldier, that is extremely valuable, walk in the amateur, all is have a specialized person to watch.
"All all adult."Nine non-commissioned officers see the Teng green mountain connecting to salute.
"Like, now endure in a short while, wait until dead hour, let another a group of personses' horse again come to substitute you, when the time comes again good rest."The Teng green mountain after comforting a then carries on the back a transmigration of soul gun package, walk into darkly in, the speed get up gradually and quickly, beginning dynasty the big gold Chuang direction dash away pass by.
Teng green mountain never the use 《the limits of the earth goes 》 , but depend a muscle strength explosion.
The ear strong breeze roars and shouts, the Teng green mountain rushes of speed, dash away to still have to be quicker than that war horse.
Only a short moment, Teng green mountain's then seeing distance full is the big gold Chuang of light of fire.
"Who!"The big gold Chuang front door watches to loudly drink a way.
"You, I walk alone to make a living away from home world and hear you there is black monster in big gold Chuang, so, then rush through to come over, think an investigation unexpectedly."The Teng green mountain clear voice says with smile, in Teng green mountain's eyes, at present in fear big gold Chuang, for the arrival of martial, should welcome very much.
Indeed as expected-
The front door opens, there is several people coming up to, what to is a head is a grey hair the old.
"This adult."Have one on that old face silk sorrow color, " we big gold Chuang, meet that etc. monster, could depend adult your these superiors who carry a rare skill to help.Last night, the detection is a black monster, hope tonight, adult and other many Wu Zhe's superiors, can help us big gold Chuang, killed that monster disaster!"
Didn't know to fear most , discovered on the whole to is a black monster last night, great public in the gold Chuang also calculated to settle.
Everyone expects, these force superior, can kill that monster.
After all ……not and till the last and every moment, everyone doesn't want to change residence.
"Trust, uncle."The Teng green mountain comforts a , then followed this big gold Chuang.
Big gold Chuang, ratio Teng green mountain old house'Chuang in the Teng house'cover just a little a little bit small, that does Wu Chang also a little smaller, however at the moment, do Wu Chang Shang have 100 people.

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