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Effective Steps for Parasitic Worm Control in Horses
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If you own or care for horses then you need to know how to protect them from parasitic worms. Horse wormers are widely available and can offer powerful and effective prevention against worm infestations. If you own or care for horses then you need to know how to protect them from parasitic worms. Horse wormers are widely available and can offer powerful and effective prevention against worm infestations.

Parasitic worms are nasty creatures that can infest hosts and seriously affect their health. Horses can be susceptible to these parasites as they are grass feeders. The worm eggs are commonly transferred through ground level feeding. You will need horse wormers on stand-by to make sure you have the right tools to protect your horses and treat them for these pests. Here are two effective and easy steps for controlling parasitic worms in horses:

Step 1 鈥?Deworming Schedule

There are a number of powerful equine wormers on the UK market. These leading products enable you to set up a deworming schedule to protect your horses year-round from parasitic worms. When using horse wormers make sure you buy leading brands that can offer tried and tested treatments. For example an Equest wormer programme can help to treat and prevent worms and keep your horses healthy. You can buy cheap horse wormers online and it is worth choosing the Equest year pack as this can offer a more cost effective option.

Step 2 鈥?Manure Management

One of the main ways in which parasitic worms spread is through manure. The worms in an infested host will expel their microscopic eggs through the host faeces. These eggs can survive in soil and grass for a long time and can then be picked up by other animals. This is why it is important to practice manure management if you own or care for horses.

- Replace bedding in stables daily with fresh clean materials.

- Try to pick up manure from paddock and outdoor stable areas on a regular basis.

- If you know one of your horses is infected with parasitic worms keep them separate from other animals by fencing off areas of the paddock temporarily.

- Feed horses away from areas that may be contaminated.

- Use high level feeders to prevent feed from becoming contaminated by ground level eggs.

At Risk Groups

Some groups of horses are more at risk from parasitic worms than others. This can include foals Austin Seibert Browns Jersey , young horses, older horses and those that endure high stress situations (such as race horses). Horses that are suffering from other health issues such as Cushing disease can also be more vulnerable to parasitic worms.

These groups may need to be treated more regularly or using different horse wormers. You should speak to your vet for more horse worming advice when treating vulnerable groups.

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