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Love draws the distance between people, love melts hatred, love eliminates misunderstandings, love embellishes our lives, love enriches our lives, and love makes our lives more beautiful. Because of love, the world has the word "happiness Marlboro Lights." Because of love, we feel the warmth of the family. In the winter when the north wind whistling, when I got home, my mother said, "Children, it��s frozen! Wear more clothes." A warm down jacket was put on the shoulders. Dad came up with a steam of water: "Come, children, drink hot water, warm up the body." Mom and Dad's love for us makes us feel frozen, seeing the bright sunshine and feeling the incomparable warmth. This love not only warms our body but warms our hearts. Because of love, we experienced the teacher's expectations. In the classroom, the teacher swayed with sweat and used chalk to write the usefulness of knowledge. During the class, the teacher reprimanded xx students where they did not do well, how to correct them. In the dead of night, a table lamp bursts with faint light. Under the lamp, the teacher is correcting the homework, correcting the test papers, preparing lessons, summing up the experience... "Spring silkworms go to the dead silk Cigarettes For Sale, the wax torch is turned into gray tears." The teacher is so painstaking, for what? In order to hope that we can achieve a good result, when we grow up, we will serve the motherland and make the motherland richer and stronger. The teacher is purely a kind of love, a kind of severe and great love. Because of love, we realize the harmony and beauty of society. At the crossroads, a teenager helped a grandmother cross the road; on the bus, a young man gave a seat to a baby; in a crowded square, a policeman caught a thief; in... The common examples in these lifes are not earth-shattering events, but they give people a sense of security and make people feel at ease. These small moves can make society more harmonious Marlboro Cigarettes. This little love can make society more beautiful. Because of love, we will never back down in the face of disaster. 5. The 12th earthquake, how many high-rise buildings collapsed, how many original harmony. happy. The happy family, how many innocent lives have been shaken...but they have not shaken their perseverance and have not shattered our love of "one party has difficulty, all directions support". We donate money, donate money, donate strength, and hope to make a little effort. Premier Wen Jiabao led rescue fighters and medical personnel to the forefront to fight for life. When the children of the motherland are injured, the leaders of the motherland do not cringe and tide over the difficulties with them. Brothers and sisters work together to contribute themselves. The money they donate may be insignificant compared to the entire disaster-saving economy, but perhaps it is their money and a bottle of water that saved a new life. As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world.

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