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The NFL preseason is almost here Austin Seibert Jersey , so teams will soon have to finalize their rosters for the upcoming season. The beginning stages of the season is full of many roster moves, but most importantly, some pretty intriguing trades. Every team will end up trading away at least one of their players by the end of this season, as they begin to shift their identities as teams based on how they are doing during the season. A lot of teams also have disgruntled players who are requesting to be moved on from their current locations. Also, players with one year left on their contracts are players who could be dealt, especially if their teams are not expected to go far during the regular season. With all that has been stated thus far Trysten Hill Jersey , in this article, we will be looking at one player from each NFL team that they should move on from this season. There are already an abundance of trade rumors dancing around the league, so we are in for a treat when the preseason is finally upon us. At the end of the day, every team has at least one player who they should at least consider moving on from. A huge factor behind is the fact that some of their top players have expiring contracts and likely could end up moving on from them and the teams would end up with nothing in return. With that being stated, teams will be aggressive as both buyers and sellers moving forward. Yet, there are also players who simply are taking up a roster spot and are negatively impacting cap space.Whatever the case may be Connor McGovern Jersey , let’s take a look at one player that each NFL team needs to move on from this season! Every year, the quarterback position is given the lion's share of ESPN and NFL coverage. As the respective leaders of their squads, the men behind center are one of the most crucial elements in determining a team's overall success. As such, teams who are unhappy with their quarterback play will have no problem pursuing other options. Looking to the 2017 NFL season, this list will countdown 8 NFL QBs who may lose their starting jobs, and 7 others who may keep it. Those whose jobs are safe have displayed a level of consistency which makes them invaluable to their respective squads. Those who are likely to lose their jobs Foster Moreau Jersey , however, have been anything but. If the 8 quarterbacks I have highlighted as being in danger being benched hope to maintain their jobs for the entire season, they will have to take a major step forward from how they have performed previously. Even if this is accomplished, however, I cannot see some of them being able to hold off the talented backups behind them. This list should provide a comprehensive list of the NFL quarterback position for the 2017 season.

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